Kangasala Arts Centre implements a certified environmental program

Responsibility is important to the Kangasala Arts Centre. We received the EcoCompass environmental management system certificate on August 11th, 2021 and are committed to imply the criteria of the EcoCompass system.

The environmental pledge of the Kangasala Arts Centre

The Kangasala Arts Centre offers a variety of immaterial experiences and well-being, in the house and virtually. We take the environmental issues into account in our everyday functions and purchases. We encourage our customers to use public transport. The Kangasala Arts Centre is located in the very heart of the town and it´s easy to come here by foot, bike, or bus.

As a fairly new building, built in 2015, the Kangasala Arts Centre is unobstructed, and efficient in its energy consuming. All the functions have been constructed keeping responsibility in mind. The building is located in the center of the town of Kangasala with convenient public transport. The strain to the environment caused by our functions as a culture hub is moderate.

The goals of the Kangasala Art Centre´s environmental program relate to reducing the amount of waste, energy efficiency and renewable energy, logistics and transport, cherishing the diversity of nature, and communicating our efforts of responsibility.

We reach for our goals by sorting our waste, diminishing the amount of electronic waste, reuse of packaging materials, adjustments of air conditioning, and allowing remote work. The visitors of art exhibitions, concerts, and other events are encouraged to leave their own cars home and use other forms of transportation instead, like cycling and buses. The Kangasala Arts Centre participates to the Sustainable Travel Finland program and pursues for the STF label.

Kangasala Arts Centre communicates actively on responsibility to its customers and partners. We tell about our environmental goals e.g. in inquiries and thus encourage our partners towards more responsible actions. Responsibility is part of the criteria as we choose our suppliers.

EcoCompass is an environmental management system (EMS) evaluating the comprehensive environmental impacts of an organisation. The criteria of environmental responsibility consists of waste management, energy consuming, purchases, use of materials, chemicals, noise, logistics and transport, communications, making an impact, and diversity of the nature.

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